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Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services

User access management solutions that are actually simple and effective

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What It Is

What is identity and access management?

Identity and access management (IAM) is the set of tools and training that keeps your login credentials secure and prevents attackers from accessing your organization’s digital environment or moving around the system.

When you or your employees have passwords that are easy to find or guess, it’s easy for hackers to access business-critical accounts or data or do other damage to your network. That’s particularly true if you haven’t implemented a solution like multifactor authentication and that one sub-par password is all they need to get into the system.

Identity and access management managed services are the answer. Not only is IAM simple and user-friendly (as long as you’re supposed to be using them), it also includes safe ways to store passwords without relying solely on personal memory, multifactor authentication programs to make it harder for hackers to access your accounts, and reporting to help you figure out which of your employees need the most help in keeping your environment secure.

How It Works

DOT Security’s identity and access management offers...

  • Identity and access management tools and solutions
  • Ongoing user access management
  • Scalable identity and access management for small business
  • Enterprise-level IAM solutions for businesses of all sizes


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Storing important passwords on a spreadsheet that’s easy to hack or a piece of paper that anyone can see makes it almost pointless to have those passwords at all.


Modern passwords have to be long, complex, and unique. Unless you have a photographic memory, trying to remember all of them is almost impossible.


Some identity and access management services are stronger than others. Don’t rely on outdated processes, like writing out your passwords on a spreadsheet or notebook.


Frequently asked questions

What does IAM mean?

IAM is the most common acronym for identity and access management.

Why do we need identity and access management?

You need identity and access management if you need to make sure that no outsider can gain access to your system through an employee’s account. Without them, your entire network could be at risk of being breached by an attacker acting in the guise of a staff member.

What is the role of identity and access management?

The role of identity and access management services is to make sure that the primary entry point to your environment, which is also often the most vulnerable, is used only for legitimate log ins, not by hackers or outsiders.

What is the difference between IAM and PAM?

Identity and access management in security is the safe authorization of any user you decide needs access to your network. Privileged access management (PAM) is the restriction of access to the absolute minimum number of people who need to use a given system.

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