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Network Security Monitoring Services

The way we know the rest of our cybersecurity services are working for you

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What It Is

What is network security monitoring (NSM)?

Network security monitoring (NSM) is regular, cyclical surveillance of a system to find any cyberattacks or breaches that may have slipped through the cracks unnoticed. It takes an average of 228 days (7.6 months) for a business to realize they’ve been breached, according to a 2020 study from IBM. Getting NSM, or network security manager, is how you find the threat much more quickly.

While the rest of our cybersecurity services help us stop the vast majority of hackers in their tracks, it’s impossible for anyone to guarantee 100% perfect coverage of a given system. That’s why DOT Security performs comprehensive cyber threat monitoring services for fast remediation.

NSM security ensures that everything in your environment is still in order. If anything has evaded the first lines of your cybersecurity defense, it gives us the best chance to remediate the threat before it causes permanent or costly damage.

How It Works

DOT Security’s network security monitoring service offering includes...

  • A team of NSM network security managers
  • Hardware, software, and cloud services defenses
  • Cyclical cyber threat monitoring
  • Security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Network detection and response (NDR)
  • Vulnerability monitoring (VM)


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No matter how solid your tools, it’s always a good idea to “trust but verify”. You can’t be sure that threats haven’t broken through unless you regularly check.


With expert NSM network security managers, it’s easy to notice when elements of your cybersecurity system need an upgrade. Without it, your tech can quickly fall out-of-date.


It's hard for your in-house team to spend time performing cyber threat monitoring on a network they expect to be clear when they could be doing tasks for organizational growth.


Frequently asked questions

What is NSM security?

NSM is short for network security monitoring, the practice of regularly reviewing an organization’s system to catch any hackers that managed to slip through their other defenses and stop them before they can do any serious damage.

How does network security monitoring work?

Network security monitoring works by understanding what your environment is supposed to look like, then regularly checking it to make sure bad actors haven’t gained access. At DOT Security, we get our base knowledge of your system through the initial risk audit.

What are the three types of network security?

The three types of network security are hardware, software, and cloud services defenses. DOT Security’s network security monitoring services include all of them, so you know your system is protected from every angle.

Why is network security monitoring important?

Network security monitoring is important because it verifies that the first lines of defense are working, provides the opportunity to remediate threats before they do real damage if there’s a hole anywhere in your system, and allows us understand where those holes are and how to fix them if that ever does occur.

Time for an update?

Supplement your system with network security monitoring tools and managers to operate them.